39 thoughts on “TROLLING 101

  1. I wouldn’t mind hooking up with the Gravel-Voiced Sock Lady, because:

    1.) I spied the 50 Shades of Grey books in the background, so I know she’s down for Whatever,

    2.) It feeds my fetish for women with voices like Marge Simpson’s sisters,

    3.) After our tryst I’d steal Vicodin™ out of her purse as she went for the post-coitus pee.


  2. These videos make me want to invest in an entirely new computer system…one that would allow me to have the screen resolution to see every single detail of the background…

    For now, all I can do is ask, does his calendar feature gorillas fornicating?

      • I agree with “feminism”. I agree with very little of “feminist theory”. Most people who call themselves feminists agree with both. It sends the wrong message for me to call myself a “feminist”, because many people would assume I adhere to dogmas that I do not.

        I have no qualms with feminists, I just don’t use that label to describe myself because I don’t think it’s accurate. But I do support gender equality and I do agree with the core concept of feminism (which is nothing more than gender equality).

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