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Rob Paulsen
Maurice LaMarche

And Bob Joles as Jonas Sock

36 thoughts on “TECH SUPPORT


    …but seriously. I once did DSL tech support for, um, a company that sounds suspiciously like “furry-sin”. Following my remarkable experiences, if I had received a call on this topic, I would have no choice but to believe it to be genuine.

    Also, never, ever get furry-sin DSL. In the odd chance you can’t get it in your area, they’ll lie to you by saying it’s still “in process” and continue to collect money until you take legal action (seriously). I saw people that had been strung along for about a half a year.

  2. Hello, if you go to the website. It clearly states that the conversation is a fictional presentation showing how sockpuppets are used to trick people.
    This is not a real conversation. It is just not as funny if it is not real.

  3. But it just isn’t funny. And no lot’s of the people giving comments didn’t seem to “get it.”
    And of all the ridiculous conversations that already exist on the internet, they had to pick scripted conversation. Really?

  4. Yes, unfortunately we did have to pick this one. We were forced at gunpoint. They broke into our office and tied us up, and made us record unfunny lines, just to irritate you.

    We kept telling them that you wouldn’t like it, but they didn’t care. They just kept saying, “Now do the old guy in the restaurant!” and that kind of thing. At one point we told them that lot’s of of people wouldn’t get it, but they just hit us for misusing apostrophes.

    Fortunately, everyone is all right now, and we’re just trying to rebuild our lives.

    We realize that talking this out is the best way to heal, so if you could continue to complain for another few weeks, that would really help everyone.

  5. Oh, I see you’re allowed to criticize other people’s shoddy work on Regretsy, but no one is allowed to point out your below par humor. Well that seems fair. Aren’t you supposed to cultivate a thick skin in show business?
    Yes, I did put in a misplaced apostrophe, but I don’t think that compares to your misrepresentation of your work. Maybe if I keep complaining you might even take it down. Are you the only one who can have a cause?

    • No one said you can’t point out something that doesn’t amuse you. You’ve done it for a few weeks now, and we’re thrilled you’ve found something to do in prison.

      We just don’t share your opinion, no matter how many times you repeat it. But you know, keep banging that drum. Maybe you and your Twitter follower can start a petition.

    • Maybe if I keep complaining you might even take it down. Are you the only one who can have a cause?

      Honey, there’s a difference between a cause, and just being a dick on the internet. You’re just being a dick on the internet.

      God, please let there be a new butthurt section just for this.

    • Maybe if I read your name enough I will read it as somethingother than Butt Tits For Real. I keep seeing it but you are totally still Butt Tits. I think your cause is just as futile.

    • It seems like you’ve just now stumbled onto the Internet a few weeks ago, butitisnotreal. Let me offer you some information.

      Your whining and crying is delicious nectar to us.

      Also, (and this may be news to you, so brace yourself), this isn’t the only site on the Internet. Go find something that amuses you. Unless acting as you do here amuses you in some manner. If it does, knock yourself out.

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