Adapted from actual comments found on this YouTube thread


April Winchell
Pamela Adlon
Billy West
Fred Tatasciore

And Bob Joles as Jonas Sock

56 thoughts on “STOP KILLING YOUR PETS

  1. This is what has been missing from the internet! No, really – this is what’s missing. There was a discussion on NPR today about how American society is drowning in irony. I say, BRING IT ON.

  2. Glad to have you back, April! Please do check out the original thread and the other comments of the most prolific poster, it leads to other amazing discoveries like this! “The best thing that ever happened to the back pissing Arabs was to stumble and fall face first in Alexandria and Syria, into a bunch of Greek Manuscripts dealing with all sorts of sciences, Mathematics, and philosophies, that’s where they really evolved from being a crazy lot of Moon Goddess howling wolves, and desert critters, salamanders, and snakes to become fully human…The Arabs will bring all their armies to Israel to destroy it, and they will be pulverized into thin Ether..” #putasockinit

  3. These vids absolutely made my day. Not only a brilliant idea, but so well executed. The voices are perfect, the pauses, the sets, and even the sock acting. I love how the angry sock shakes with rage. And his blow-up doll seems to have some serious chafing. Just wonderfully done, and I’m glad everyone enjoys the sets as much as I do. And now after reading the comments, I have to go back to see what I missed.

  4. Fucking brilliant. I must remember to close the windows before I watch anymore YouTube inspired pieces though. Don’t want my neighbors to think I’m hosting a rage fest up here. Maybe a LRAW (loud raging asshole warning) would be appropriate?

  5. So so so so much fun. Holy crap, Pammy Adlon can swear up a storm and still sound goddamn hilarious. Can’t wait for what else comes out of these genius people’s heads.

  6. Timing is everything, and these socks have it!

    I especially love how the loony’s voice is all scratchy, like she’s spent her whole life screaming at people.

  7. A second viewing has netted me more amusement, like the YouTube name of the person who posted the puppy video, the blow-up doll, and more things I’ll probably have to go back again to remember.

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