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Billy West
Pamela Adlon
Fred Tatasciore
Rob Paulsen
April Winchell

And Bob Joles as Jonas Sock

21 thoughts on “SPONGEBOB IS DEAD

  1. Some people are so stupid. Tom Kenny doesn’t even do the voice of Spongebob. He IS dead, but he was that has-been actor from kung-fu movies who died by auto-erotic asphyxiation.

    Spongebob is voiced by Tom PETTY, who also did the voice of mumbling Boomhauer on King of the Hill.

    There. You’re all welcome for me clarifying.

      • Oh, he’s still walking around alright. But HE. IS. DEAD. You can tell I’m serious by the ALL CAPS. I think the period behind each word nicely validates my point.

        WHEN will you people take the Zombie Threat seriously?

        Thank God for the steady hands at the NRA such as Wayne LaPierre protecting us from this and other credible Blocks of Fear such as Zombies, “marauding gangs” of minorities and other non-existent yet inevitable threats that make deep thinkers like myself enrich the pockets of firearms manufacturers.

        Guns don’t eat brains. Abe Vigoda does. And Wayne LaPierre.

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