Adapted from actual comments found on this LiveJournal thread


April Winchell
Rob Paulsen

And Bob Joles as Jonas Sock


    • Dammit Dammit Dammit it’s Friday December 7th and I keep hittiing “F5″ like some starving caffeinated gerbil hitting the food trigger in a forgotten science experiment left abandoned over the holidays in a lab at Eastwick Community College, proudly serving the youth of Ho-Ho-Kus and Weehawken, the twin jewels of Jersey’s crown.

  1. Goldenplate is a known troll, this person has tons of fake accounts around the internet trying to stir up a ruckus with extreme ignorance. I have known a lot of sheltered ignorant Mormons (a lot of really great Mormons, too.) and he/she doesn’t fit the mold at all.

    • Goldenplate is a sock puppet inside of another sock puppet inside of another sock puppet inside of…I dunno, there must be toe socks and leg warmers involved at some point. Some people as assholes online, and then some special people have a calling.

      • I think you’re misreading that. LiveJournal allows you to choose a different image every time you post (based on your mood or whim), so it may look like a different person, but it’s the same one.

        (I believe user names are unique, but I haven’t blogged there since way back when it was popular.)

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