Our special Holiday Outtakes reel

Kari Wahlgren
Rob Paulsen
April Winchell
Fred Tatasciore


    • LeVar Burton had a similar blooper in the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. There’s this ad hoc discussion in Engineering, and he gets excited, takes a step forward, and says, “Oh, I see where you’re going! We drop…shit,” and then he turns around and goes back to his mark.

  1. This realisation has taken some weeks, since I saw the first few episodes of sockpuppet theatre I was reminded of something, but I couldn’t place it. Today it finally clicked. Mighty max has been reincarnated as a sock puppet. If you see this, you were awesome, and also, I think you should probably get norman in on this.
    Sincerely, the hambuggerer

    • I love Mighty Max! I watched another episode and you are sooooo right! Gotta get Virgil too. Rob mentioned in his latest podcast that Mighty Max was one of the characters that he portrayed using his natural voice. Gotta love it!

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