Adapted from comments found on this thread


Rob Paulsen
April Winchell

And Bob Joles as Jonas Sock

20 thoughts on “HIPPIE JUICE

  1. ROFL! OMG this was awesome bravo :-D Also, I’m gonna serve Hippie Juice at my next party! I’d like to feature Old Nagging Vagina as well but I’m trying to figure out what ingredients it would contain, I sense Clamato would make an appearance;)

  2. I always wear three socks.

    This hallowed site makes me want to that that third sock off of my sodden grotto, launder it respectfully, and ram my fist into it….and raise it high, like a woolen antenna to the Gods.

    O my dark shameful sock.

    • Yeah…don’t you hate it when you get hammered on a Friday night and post gibberish to the internet?

      My skull the following morning felt like a clogged toilet on an oil rig after chili night.


  3. Only a sock puppet could make it goofy and hilarious to drink and drive…while posting online with your smart phone.

    Rob nailed the voice and personality of a drunken, smartass sock driver. But how does one get into character to play such a role? lol

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