We have a new episode today, based on a thread about naan bread found on Pinterest. Special thanks to reader Mandy for finding this one! – Click here to watch this week’s episode I also wanted to remind you that Rob Paulsen and I will be doing a live show tonight at the Jon Lovitz […]

What are you doing Friday? Say, 8:00? If you said, “Having fun,” you were wrong. Instead, I’d like to suggest you give this a try: Rob Paulsen and I will be at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Theatre on February 8th, reading some of my favorite hate mail. We’ll be performing your flounces and angry Tweets […]

As you know, we’re cranking out new episodes every Tuesday, with all the speed and accuracy of an eight-year old in a Nike factory. Unfortunately, the SockPuppet Flu has hit us hard over here, and we’re now a week behind. The good news is, we’re feeling better and already hard at work on our next […]

Sorry this one is so late, but we’re happy to bring you one last video before Christmas! Click here for our Holiday Outtakes Reel Next week, our special New Year’s episode will star Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche; the Emmy-winning stars of Pinky and The Brain! And while I have your attention, Rob Paulsen is […]

Hey friends, So we had this great idea to do a live Sockpuppet Theatre podcast on December 21st. I mean, yes, it’s the Friday before Christmas and everything, but it’s also the end of the world, so it’s not like anyone had plans. Well, it turns out that many of our cast members did have […]

I have 10 pairs of tickets to give away for Friday night’s Asockaplypse Now live podcast at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Theatre! Members of the Sockpuppet Theatre cast will be reading scripts live, answering questions, and generally killing time until the earth explodes – JUST AS THE MAYANS FORETOLD The first 10 people to respond […]

In Los Angeles on December 21st? Don’t have plans for the end of the world? Join the cast of Sockpuppet Theatre at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club for our live podcast and Christmas show! We’ll be doing a live reading of a new script, debuting a new video, taking questions and waiting for the earth […]

The Sockpuppet Theatre Starsocks mug is now on sale in our Zazzle store! Click here for the mug and other new SPT products

NEW STUFF! We have added a Monday Bonus Episode today, based on a thread found in the “Heated Debate” community on LiveJournal. It’s called IRRESPONSIBLE SLUTS, and stars April Winchell and Rob Paulsen. There is no cursing in this one, unless you consider the word “whore” cursing. In my family, it was a greeting. Speaking […]

Sockpuppet Theatre is now live! Every Friday, we’ll be bringing you a new episode of Sockpuppet Theatre, voiced by some of the greatest voiceover actors working today. And next Monday, we’ll have a bonus episode! So bookmark us or sign up for our feed, and see it all! You can also subscribe on YouTube, and […]