17 thoughts on “PEE-CAN not PUH-KAN

  1. ESCALATED?… ARE YOU SAYING I ESCALATED? HOW DARE YOU … YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ME… YOU MUST BE A RACIST DWEEB… WHO DOESN’T KNOW PIE FROM PI… … ok…. sorry… LOL… I had to say that. I’m just joking. This web site is hilarious! :-)

  2. This… this is golden.

    Tried looking for it on the site, it seems to be cleaned by now.

    “White racist bitch” seems like a very catchy phrase. It’s so easy to say and packs so much hate, yet it’s not really insulting.

    • Oh, lordy, Pens, now I’m thinking about the relative volume of artifacts that I would or would not like the distant future/aliens to see. I am not happy with the math.

  3. Ughh some people have no manors! I hate Hippocrates! The lady was right, who cares about spelling! Instead of acting like a bunch of pussy geniousses why don’t people just learn to live life bicuriously?! 

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