Hey friends,

So we had this great idea to do a live Sockpuppet Theatre podcast on December 21st. I mean, yes, it’s the Friday before Christmas and everything, but it’s also the end of the world, so it’s not like anyone had plans.

Well, it turns out that many of our cast members did have plans. In fact, almost everyone is out of town, making this a very small cast party.

So we’ve decided to postpone our live Sockpuppet Theatre podcast until January. That way, if the world doesn’t explode, we’ll all have something to look forward to. Besides filing our taxes.

But there is some good news! Rob Paulsen will still be doing a live podcast at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Theatre this Friday, and he’ll be joined by voice-over legend Fred Tatasciore! And for the first time, Ustream will be streaming the Talkin’ Toons podcast live for your listening pleasure!

So head over to Ustream, and usher in the Mayan Apocalypse with two of the greatest voice over actors in the business!

Click here to listen on Ustream
Click here to buy tickets for the live show


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