Monday Bonus Episode


We have added a Monday Bonus Episode today, based on a thread found in the “Heated Debate” community on LiveJournal. It’s called IRRESPONSIBLE SLUTS, and stars April Winchell and Rob Paulsen. There is no cursing in this one, unless you consider the word “whore” cursing. In my family, it was a greeting.

Speaking of cursing, our own John Foley is now uploading safe-for-work versions of our more explicit videos to our YouTube channel. So if you liked the videos with cursing but didn’t want to share them with say, your pastor, now you can.

Visit our YouTube channel for all videos, and subscribe! You’ll see them there first.

We’ve also added three new new screen grabs to our Loose Threads section. Thanks to all of you who have been sending links and tips.

And thanks to everyone watching Sockpuppet Theatre. We really appreciate your support.

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